GOOD, a play by Cecil Phillip Taylor  

Auditions to be held September 6th and 7th from 6:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m.

Show dates are November 30th, December 1st, 2nd and 3rd.

Top Hat Productions 
4220 Youngstown-Poland Road
Youngstown Ohio

Set in Frankfurt Germany in the 1930's, Good has been described as the definitive piece written about the Holocaust in the English-speaking theatre. Set in pre-war Germany, it shows how John Halder, a liberal-minded professor whose best friend is the Jewish Maurice, could not only be seduced into joining the Nazism, but step-by-rationalised-step end up embracing the final solution justifying to his conscience the terrible actions.

Auditioners should come prepared with a one to three minute dramatic monologue. This can be either from a film, play or self authored. Auditioners should also be prepared to read selections from the play.

We are looking for auditioners who play the roles, from their monologue and the roles from the show they choose to read for, with honesty and sincerity. Auditioners will be also be expected to follow directions (basic blocking)to the best of their ability. Finally, we will be looking for those who seem as though they would work well as part of the team.

Role information:

**Script sides will be prepared at the audition for the roles of:

**Age descriptions are purely for the final expectation of how you will be presented come showtime, not a requirement to audition for a role.

Maurice: [Male, early to late thirties] A Jewish psychologist. Has an anxiety neurosis brought about by the goings on in Germany of late.

Helen: [Female, early to late thirties] A housewife. She feels quite useless. She is unable to find joy in her children and fears the loss of husband to her self doubt.She is unable to find joy in her children and fears the loss of husband to her self- doubt.

Anne: [Female, eighteen to mid-twenties] A bright-eyed and beautiful student of literature. Very passionate.

Mother: [Female, early forties to late sixties] She is blind and senile. Very outspoken about feeling useless and unsatisfied with life. NOTE: Though she is a very sad and serious character, the actress who plays her must be able to find the humor that makes her character likeable.  

Freddie: [Male, early to late thirties] An SS officer who is merely a party member for the security and social esteem it brings. He does what he has to.

Bouller: [Male, early to late thirties] (Dual Cast as Eichmann) High ranking member of the Nazi Party. He is the head of Tiergartenstrasse Four . (Please Read about this location prior to audition)

Eichmann: [Male, early to late thirties] (Dual Cast as Bouller) An SS officer in control of the Final Solution.

Elisabeth: [Female, early to late twenties] (Dual Cast as Sister) Freddie’s wife. She clearly enjoys the opportunities that being SS officer’s wife brings.

Sister: [Female, early to late twenties] (Dual Cast as Elisabeth) Works at the asylum that Mother resides. Note: Shouldn’t be played with any vitriol. She is dutiful and doesn’t want to fall behind in her schedule.

There is also an assortment of other minor roles that will need filled as well.

We are excited to see what you all bring to this  production! Can't wait to see you all there!

Jacob Henry - Director

Questions for the Director?

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Technical production team

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Following the vision and leadership of the Director, choreographer, and costumer, the creative team of lighting and sound design delivers the visual and audible aspects of the performance.

Want to volunteer for tech crew?  We will need stage crew, operators for sound board, light board, follow-spots, and midi-board.  Also, if you are interested in being part of the creative team for lighting design or sound design, we'd love to talk with you.  Send a note to and we'll get you involved.